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Dipak Sarkar Receives 2017 Distinguished Researcher Award from International Society

Dipak Sarkar, distinguished professor in the Department of Animal Sciences and director of the Endocrine Program at Rutgers, was awarded the 2017 Distinguished Researcher Award by the Research Society on Alcoholism (RSA).

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Pioneers in Endocrinology 2016 Photo Gallery

Pioneers in Endocrinology 2008 - 2016 Retrospective

Summer Research Workshop for Undergraduates and High School Students at Endocrine Research Facility

For the last six years, the Endocrine Program has organized a summer research workshop for local high school students and undergraduate students from Rutgers and other universities. This year, it took place from July 6th through July 24th. This intensive three-week workshop provided both lectures and hands-on training on endocrine research. Four high school students and two undergraduate students attended this year's workshop. Some of their research activities are highlighted.

Roshni Banerjee
Chelsea Cherenfant
Parama Das
Priya Mukherjee
Natasha Sarkar
Puloma Sen

Left to right: Puloma Sen, Roshni Banerjee, Natasha Sarkar, Parama Das & Priya Mukherjee

Left to right: Puloma Sen, Roshni Banerjee, Priya Mukherjee, Natasha Sarkar, Parama Das, Pallavi Shrivastava In the back: Kamil Sochacki

Left to right: Priya Mukherjee, Puloma Sen, Miguel Cabrera, Ali Mosa Rashid Al-Yasari, Roshni Banerjee, Kamil Sochacki, Natasha Sarkar, Parama Das

Left to Right: Ali Mosa Rashid Al-Yasari, Roshni Banerjee, Puloma Sen, Chelsea Cherenfant, Natasha Sarkar, Parama Das, Priya Mukherjee & Omkaram Gangisetty

Priya Mukherjee

Natasha Sarkar

Roshni Banerjee

Parama Das

Left to Right: Natasha Sarkar, Roshni Banerjee, Puloma Sen, Dipak Sarkar, Parama Das & Priya Mukherjee

Left to Right: Dipak Sarkar, Natasha Sarkar, Parama Das, Roshni Banerjee, Puloma Sen & Priya Mukherjee

Front Row, Left to Right: Puloma Sen, Roshni Banerjee, Parama Das, Natasha Sarkar, Priya Mukherjee Back Row, Left to Right: Chelsea Cherenfant, Lucy Chastain, Omkaram Gangisetty, Rupa Guhamazumder, Miguel Cabrera, Dipak Sarkar, Ali Mosa Rashid Al-Yasari, Shaima Amore Jabbar, Kamil Sochacki & Pallavi Shrivastava

Left to Right: Roshni Banerjee, Ali Mosa Rashid Al-Yasari, Omkaram Gangisetty, Puloma Sen, Kamil Sochacki, Rupa Guhamazumder, Pallavi Shrivastava, Shaima Amore Jabbar, Lucy Chastain, Dipak Sarkar, Chelsea Cherenfant, Parama Das, Miguel Cabrera, Natasha Sarkar & Priya Mukherjee